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02 January 2009 @ 03:19 am
23: TVXQ Layout (for JESSSOYOUKNOW)  
AAAAAHHHHH~ It's already 2009 *FAILS*
Since Abbey is too busy doing stuff, she told me to do this one~
So yeah TT TT~ Sorry if it isn't that dazzling..
I'm not even sure how it looks like, especially the color scheme, so please tell me what to change if ever there are some stuff that look wrong XP.
Here you go, Jess! :D

  • This layout may be used by jesssoyouknow only.
  • Please do NOT alter the codes [and images] in any way, and do NOT remove the credits.
  • If you're not satisfied with something in the layout, just tell me.
  • The layout comes with an icon. ^^
  • Credits: CSS Base codes from </a></b></a>xloliconsx
mintchocopie mintchocopie

1. Make sure you're using the S2 layout type.
2. Go to Change Journal Theme. Type in "Flexible Squares" for the themes selection and choose any "Flexible Squares" theme. Press Apply Theme.
3. Scroll down to Choose a Page Setup. Choose either "2 Column (sidebar on left)" or "2 Column (sidebar on right)". BEST AD PLACEMENT TO USE: Between Entries. Press Apply Layout.
4. Press Customize Journal Theme. In the left sidebar, click Custom CSS.
5. Choose "No" in all the drop-down choices shown.
6. Copy & paste the CSS codes on the "Custom stylesheet" field. Press "Save Changes".
7. You're done! :D Check your LiveJournal page to see your new layout.


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